Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect is a tile game which requires both planning ahead and a quick hand-eye coordination.
Clear the board by connecting pairs of identical tiles by no more then three straight lines.
The classic non-deluxe version is here!

About the game

The original Mahjong game is originated in China around 2,000 years back and historians suggest that the game originated somewhere near Shanghai region.
Mahjong is well known as a game that demands skills, patience and strategy. The game was exclusively played in China till the end of 18th century and then the game was adopted by its neighboring country, Japan.
Due to this exclusivity and the restriction of Mahjong as a royal game, historians do not have a very clear picture about the evolution of the game.

The game was brought to Western world at a very later stage and by that time even Chinese Mahjong had a lot of variations and original version was played at very few places.
Similarly, Mahjong Connect is also associated with the original game but has its own rules that make the game different from the original version, yet maintaining the characteristics of parent game.
Traditionally, the game consists of 144 pieces which were made with ivory but after a global ban on the usage of ivory, there were no ivory tiles available.
Those days, most of the famous Mahjong Connect tiles were made with other materials and based on price, the quality of these tiles could be higher or lower.

A Mahjong Connect board consists of 140 tiles that are arranged in a certain shape. The classic arrangement is in such a manner that 10 tiles will be arranged vertically while 14 tiles will be arranged horizontally in each row.
Compared to the traditional version of Mahjong, this game features almost all tiles from the full Mahjong set (Seasons, Dragon, Flowers etc.)
In Mahjong Connect, the player's movements are limited and he has to make connects within these limited moves. If the player wants to eliminate a tile that is bordered with tiles on each side, he has to eliminate the adjoining tiles before eliminating the tile he is intending.
The player can play with tiles only that are arranged on a perimeter. There are certain rules to follow while playing in this manner. The player can click on any matching tile that is placed on the same row and this helps in the advancement of the game.
In other cases a player can connect tiles only if he can make the connecting move within 3 steps. A player can't connect tiles even if the tiles are placed very closer if it takes more than three moves to connect these tiles.
If you are playing Mahjong Connect on a personal computer or any other electronic gaming device, usually, there will be a timer feature and in order to win the game, you should finish it within the given timeframe.
Mahjong Connect quickly became a very popular game that can be played on any occasion. The game helps a person to improve his logical and reasoning skills as well as his thinking ability.

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